Interior Castle
Voice and synthesizer
Length variable

A synthesizer mimics the cadences of the artist's voice as she inhabits various scenarios, moving from the generic intimacy of a mental health screening, to a sadistic guided meditation, ecstatic visions and mythic mating rituals. This roving narration addresses the link between pleasure and pain, coping with the authority of God and community, and the erotic undertow of our reality.

Artist edition from Recondite Industries available here

SCHREBER LIVE!, Jefferson Market Library, NYC, 2017
Atelier de Théorie Critique, Sorbonne, Paris, 2016
Funiculì, Los Angeles, 2015
KCHUNG Radio’s The Talking Show, Los Angeles, 2015

Excerpts from The Talking Show performance:


Interior Castle
Lakshmi Luthra Interior Castle
Performing live on KCHUNG Radio’s The Talking Show
Los Angeles

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